Flying Chihuahuas

If I told you that over 300 Chihuahuas have flown Delta from SFO to MSP to find loving homes, would you believe me? 

It's true! Thanks to a partnership between California based non-profit Compassion Without Borders (CWOB) and Animal Humane Society, dogs who likely would have been euthanized or remained homeless are now in loving homes. 

In California, there is an overpopulation of Chihuahua mixes – a dog made popular by Hollywood and therefore overbred. Most shelters are full of small dogs and people tend to pass them over. That’s where CWOB steps in by transporting these dogs to MN, where there is more opportunity for them to be adopted.

Compassion without Borders assists the animals of Mexico and other underserved communities in California, through access to free veterinary care & spay and neuter, humane education and outreach programs as well as international and local rescue efforts.

The “Chihuahua Chase Crew” picks up these sweet pups at the Delta cargo and transports them to AHS where they receive baths and a lot of love. After a day of rest and medical exams, it’s off to the adoption floor they go! 

Two members of the Chihuahua Chase Crew meet the dogs at the Delta cargo. 

Another member of the Chihuahua Chase Crew transports a dog to the warm car. 

Lefty says hello upon arriving at Animal Humane Society.

Lefty says hello upon arriving at Animal Humane Society.

Owen greets a volunteer at AHS with a big Chihuahua kiss.

In mid-April, AHS hosted a California Chihuahua reunion where seventy five Chihuahuas and their new families gathered to connect, celebrate, gawk over their sweet little Chis and meet the people who rescued them. Board members, volunteers and former foster parents of some of these dogs flew from California to attend the event and share their story with the adopters.

Sophie, Jake and Fresno (and their humans) connect at the reunion!

Dr. Cindy Karsten of CWOB (pictured on right)  welcomes Roberta, a Chihuahua she rescued.

It is truly amazing what can happen when animal welfare organizations work together to create happy beginnings for animals and people alike.

Stay tuned - I’m joining the “Chihuahua Chase Crew” on Mother’s Day to meet 40 dogs who are heading to Animal Humane Society. Perhaps I should celebrate by becoming a Chihuahua mom? ;)

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PS: Below is the invitation that was sent to adopters to attend the reunion.