The 28th Annual James J. Hill Days Dachshund Races

My last official event of the summer was one of my all-time favorites! The Dachshund Races, held a few weeks ago during James J. Hill Days, brought out some very competitive and equally cute Dachshunds!

BlogDoxyraces 33.jpg
BlogDoxyraces 8.jpg
BlogDoxyraces 30.jpg

The classic Dachshund ears blowing in the wind...

BlogDoxyraces 12.jpg

The starting line-up...

BlogDoxyraces 28.jpg
BlogDoxyraces 79.jpg

And they're off!

Blogthey're off.jpg

Some made it over..

BlogDoxyraces 21.jpg
BlogDoxyraces 19.jpg

While others found a better way..


But everyone was a winner (of course they were - they're Dachshunds!)

BlogDoxyraces 66.jpg

And as a bonus, Chuck and Don's also featured some AMAZING doggie athletes during their flyball demonstrations. This may be my new favorite thing.

BlogDoxyraces 7.jpg